Saturday, April 20, 2013

Don Orione in Kenya

Sons of Divine Providence in Kenya
Kaburugi and Kandisi and Langata: The Mission in Kenya started in 1996 when Fr. Joseph Vallauri was sent to Kenya to find a house for The Sons of Divine Providence. He opened the first formation house of the congregation at Langata, suburb of Nairobi. It continues as the formation and mother house in Kenya.
We accepted the parish of St. Peter’s in Kaburugi, about 75 km north of Nairobi on 13th December 1998 and we started our work in Kandisi on 9th September 1999 when an SDP father was introduced to the parishioners at a special service.
The First Kenyan Priest was ordained in November 2005. Our pastoral work includes parish apostolate, working with AIDS victims, people with disabilities, older people, a dressmaking school, nursery schools and a computer school.

Sons of Divine Providence _ Kenya
LangataSouth Road, P.o.Box. 15145-00509, Nairobi
Tel. +254 0203561562
Mob. +254 739224981 / +254 722478889

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