Friday, May 10, 2013

Building a house to the Lord (2 Samuel 7:1-29)

Final profile of the Chapel
David has just completed the construction of his palace. He looks out and sees the ark of the Lord, housed in a tent, and then begins to wonder. . . . A plan begins to formulate in his mind. Why not build a house for God, a temple?...”

For sure, it is God who plans to build a “house”. But it have to be also the project of human to prepare a place where he may adore and sing the greatness of God.

Endorsing this biblical passage, Community orionine Nairobi is under construction; build a house to the Lord, a temple to the living God.
The foundation and the rise of the first walls.

A long-time dream gradually sees its realization. Soon a new chapel will line the moments of prayer and Eucharistic celebrations of our community.
After the early work of renovation of the house that lasted almost six months, from July to the end of December 2012, our Community, with the help of benefactors that Divine Providence has granted us, started the construction of the chapel.
As in the days of Don Orione, students on  the site

Until then, we pray in the chapel that when the number increased, suffered its narrowness and gave difficulties to accommodate for prayer.
Our joy is great to know that in a short time, the new chapel we have called with all hope will be completed. Once again let us remind all our superiors and benefactors, giving greatest blessings for having made ​​this possible.
Formators and students working

For Fr. Paul Mboche Mwangi “the so far developments gives joy and our students are working on it tirelessly. The heavy rains had slowed down the works, because of waters that was stagnating itself in the trenches all the time they are dug, but with the help of empty containers to dry it up, we contained it and eventually the rains slowed down. Joyful, best regards from Nairobi, Kenya.”

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