Saturday, June 22, 2013

June, the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

In this month of June, traditionally dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we can reflect on the fundamental truth that God loves us. This is shown clearly by the way that the Father sent his Son to become truly human to understand our human condition personally and to give us the means to become truly human ourselves, like Jesus himself.  What has made this difficult or impossible is our slavery to sin and to false gods.  But Jesus has entered into our lives to set us free from within. In spite of all our problems, and especially our sins, he is so close to us – closer than we are to ourselves – to enable us to live in true love for God and for all our brothers and sisters and to remain free from the misuse of the good things that surround us. Sin is misuse and abuse of what is good. Jesus shows us how to do it and shares that power with us when we let his word fill our hearts and minds and when we let his life enter our lives through the sacraments and when we spend time with him in prayer. The Sacred Heart of Jesus symbolises all this and much more. 
Fr. Malcolm G. Dyer

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