Monday, July 15, 2013

Orione Kenya Financial team : Mid-Term Meeting

Father Stan and Father Alex - Nairobi account exposition
This day July 15th, 2013 was held a mid-term meeting of the bursars of our three communities present here in Kenya. Were expected to attend this meeting the following Fathers Alejandro Ruiz of Kandisi, Stanislas ACHI of Nairobi and James NJOROJE of Kaburugi. This one being unable, he was represented by Father Raphael KAILEMIAH, Director and Parish Priest of St. Peter's of Kaburugi.

Planned to start at 10am, it was only around 11:30 that all the confreres have been able to meet in the Community of Nairobi hosted this meeting. After the usual greetings and welcome by Father MBOCHE Paul, director of the Community, the cap was placed on the work. First it was the bursar of Nairobi to present the accounts of this entity. It was done in two phases, the first relating to the current life of the Community and the second concerning the project of the new chapel.
New Chapel of Nairobi Formation House
After some explanations of the two presentations, and approval of the financial statements, it was the turn of Father Raphael to present the economic point of the Community of Kaburugi. Once the details provided in this presentation, Father Alejandro had the task of presenting the accounts of Kandisi. This last Community, the newest of the Congregation here in Kenya, it should be good to report it requires much attention and support in many level and mainly in economic terms. First, the confreres survive in an exiguous presbytery for three people. They are still waiting to see the ending of the construction of the new house. Then the reality of Kandisi itself challenging economically. 

Father Raphael and Father Alex - Kandisi account exposition 
The meeting ended around 2 pm with the lunch and fraternal exchanges. Opportunity to welcome Father Stanislas after his stay of six months in Italy and once again congratulate Brother Morris for his Diaconate Ordination. Appointment is made ​​in six months, i.e. in December for the yearly financial report.

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