Saturday, August 17, 2013

“Birds of a feather flock together”

“Who do you say I am?”
Since yesterday Friday 16th August night, our Community, seminarians and formatters have tried to answer this question of Jesus in Mk 8:27. In this passage, Jesus asks about our perceptions of Him, and then challenges our ideas about "the Christ". What is our perceptions of Jesus changed throughout our spiritual journey?
The academic year having officially been opened, we have since last Friday night with the night prayer, opened our recollection day of new academic year.
It was preached by the Father Director of the Community, Father Paul MBOCHE.

He had laid the foundation for this so far reflection with the invitation he launched the day before to each one of to see how to answer the question of the Lord: "For you who am I?"
Without past wrong, he emphasized about the intimacy and the uniqueness of the answer that everyone should give to this question of Christ.
He also emphasized that this question if the answer to this must be the leitmotiv of our academic year, our community life and even our being together as a family.
It is certainly not that we do have to give a uniform response to the request of Christ, but our answer must also be a true confession of faith and come from the heart. The answer should not come as we hear others say, my brothers, my parents, my friends, my neighbors who told me ... but be the result of a personal conviction I have discovered ...
To our young men in formation he also invited to adopt the culture of being together. A true identity must be read in their deepest being, that of people living together and sharing common ideals. “Birds of a feather flock together”
After this time of reflection, a long time of personal meditation was given to each to reflect further on how to respond to the Lord.
We completed our day of recollection with the Holy Mass in honor of the Virgin Mary, in which Father Joachim AKE has not missed to summarize what Father MBOCHE have said, while also noting that other invitation of Christ to live in image and likeness of small children if we wanted to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

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