Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Chapel: Things are moving forward

While many of our superiors and benefactors are question every day: Where are we now with the proceedings of the new chapel of Nairobi?
The news are good, let us give thanks to God. With the prayers and support of each and every one, the work is progressing, and very well, even if it does not seen like with a cruising speed.
As a reminder, the month of July our prayers and intercessions were about the launch of the phase of the frame and roofing. Well this is almost a step that will soon be referred to the past.
A beautiful and painstaking work continues at this level, evidenced by the pictures.
We are grateful especially to all the benefactors, friends, superiors and confreres for all the sacrifices and prayers.

Ave Maria and forward with our Holy Founder Don Orione and Saint Joseph, the cashier of the Divine Providence.

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