Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Devotion to Our Lady of Safekeeping: From Genoa and Tortona to Bonoua

According to a tradition, on August 29 of the year 1490, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to a peasant called Benedetto Pareto, in the Monte Figogna, in Genoa and asked him to build a chapel on the mountain. Pareto was surprised and replied that he was only a poor man and would not be able to do that. However, the Virgin Mary exhorted him by saying, “Do not be afraid!”
Nevertheless, Pareto went home and did not speak with anyone about the apparition. A few days later he felt from a tree and was seriously injured. The Virgin Mary appeared to him again and he was miraculously healed. The event convinced him to speak about the apparition and seek help to build the chapel.

Pareto himself in the same place of apparition built the first chapel. This was a small rectangular building with a wooden roof, now included inside a new chapel of the apparition built because of the increasing flow of pilgrims at the shrine.

From Genoa to Tortona:

Five centuries will have elapsed, from 1490 to August 29th of 1918.
During the First World War Don Orione made a vow to build a great shrine to the Virgin Mary, if the Italians soldiers in the ward returned safe.
This vow was made on August 29, 1918; on November 4th, the war ended.
On October 23, 1926, the Cardinal of Tortona Carlo Perosi was blessing the first stone of the sanctuary.
In April 1928 were beginning the work; the 28 August 1931 - in the XVth centenary of the Council of Ephesus which was concerning the Blessed Virgin Mary us Mother of God "Mater Dei" - the new artistic temple was inaugurated by Bishop Simon Pietro Grassi and mark the begining of the series of what the Christians of Tortona will call the Orione "triumphs Marial "and that they connect in his mind to the two ancient shrines, in a tradition of faith and love to the Virgin Mary that had lasted for centuries.

From Italy to Africa:

Perpetuating the tradition, from Italy in Africa and specifically in Côte d'Ivoire, a shrine will be erected in the town of Bonoua, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of the Safekeeping.
A deep devotion of the Sons of Divine Providence is transmitted from generation to generation and from one end of the world to another in honour of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God and Our Lady of the Safe Keeping.

Prayer to our Lady of Safekeeping:

O Blessed Lady of Safekeeping, our most beloved Mother, turn your merciful face towards all the Sons of Divine Providence who love you so much, and who want always to be your humble sons!
It is enough for you to look on us, O Blessed Lady, and we will be saved!
You are our Mother: You are, after Jesus, our hope: You are our guide and our consolation.
O Virgin, wholly Blessed Lady!  O great Mother of God, we are here, now and forever, in order to entrust ourselves entirely to your powerful motherly intercession.  Hear our prayer: in your compassion keep us from all danger in life and in death, and then come to meet us, give us your blessing and take us into Heaven with you!

                                         Our Lady, Queen of Safekeeping.
                                                   - Pray for us who have recourse to you.

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