Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nairobi, the Westgate Tragedy

Since last Saturday, September  21st, around 12:45 pm, our Country, Kenya is facing one of the most tragic terrorist attack of its young story. An Islamist armed group is spreading terror. Taking siege at the Westgate Mall, the terrorists have cast a shadow to the whole city, making, according to the ministerial source, at least 62 killed and over 200 injured.
Until the day of Tuesday morning the situation seems somewhat critical not only because of the psychosis of this terrorist act, but also because the siege difficulty goes under control. The eyes of each and everyone, the voices and hearts are turned to Heaven imploring the help of our Heavenly Father. Charitable activities of all kinds are also raised to let speak the hearts.
The Sons of Divine Providence united in prayer are not failling to show their closeness to the whole people. May by the intercession of our saint Founder, St. Luigi Orione and of the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, God brings relief, reconfort and consolation to our country.

Also to this end our delegate superior have expressed an intention of prayer for Kenya:

Dear Confreres,

Please accept my condolences for those who have died in the Westgate tragedy and for the on-going hostage situation.  I pray that the police may have the wisdom to be able to both arrest the terrorists and release the hostages.  Let us ask the Lord to help them.

God bless you all and all the people of Kenya!

                                                          Fr Malcolm

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