Monday, September 30, 2013

Orione Kenya Communities' Meeting

This September 30th, we held our monthly Communities Meeting in the formation house of Nairobi. Were present at this meeting:
Fr Raphael Kailemiah, from Kaburugi Community
Fr James Waituika Njoroge, from Kaburugi Community
Fr Peter Wambulwa, from Kandisi Community
Fr Paul Mboche, from Nairobi Community
Fr Stanislas Gbeissay, from Nairobi Community
Deacon Morris Mawira, from Nairobi Community.
Fr Alejandro Ruiz apologized for a commitment.

The agenda of the meeting focused on the Orionine synod for Africa, which was held in Côte d'Ivoire from last September 8 to 10.
Making the feedback, Father Peter pointed a particular focus on one of the strong points on which the Synodal Fathers have emphasized: the collaboration. He also noted three other components that have defined the work of the Synod, The Formation, The Works of Charity and The Parishes.
In the part of the formation, it was more about collaboration in the formation of young people and especially with a focus on languages ​​in order to facilitate their future opening to our various realities.
Concerning the Works of Charity, they opened with a question: do these works of charity promote us or do we have to stop? The answers from the representatives of each were to carry on all our works of charity; because, even they still have many challenges, it is through these charities that people discover our charism and hence the whole congregation. The works of charity are used as our identity. In this way, many statements of our Founder Don Orione illustrate it very well: “Only charity will save the world”, “The cause of Christ and of his Church make use only of great charity of life and works. Charity restores everything, edifies everything, unifies everything in Christ and in his Church”, “apostolate of charity among the least and the poor of the people”.
Coming on the parishes, three main elements were outlined:
The first concerns the first evangelization (see Const. 120)
The second focuses on the youth apostolate: must be more promoted and with creativity.
And the third on the lay apostolate: help them to share in our charism.

After the feedback of the synod, we have also shared some news about our different communities. It was the community of Nairobi to start. The main point given by Father Mboche was about the session of “Come and see” which we have held in the beginning of September. The second is concerning the new chapel moving toward the end.
About Kaburugi, Father Raphael and Njoroge have talk about the celebrations of sacraments, specially the baptism and the matrimony. So far, the sacramental life in the parish is really improving and many people are preparing in the catechism for their wedding. Other point also in Kaburugi is that our brothers are very close to peoples and always available.
For Kandisi, the main points according to Father Peter are the new community house and the farming project. For the new house, our brothers have already moved in it even there are still a lot to be done. So far, for the project, an Harambee is been prepared for this October.
Other news is concerning Brother Andrews Arul Dhas from India who is here in Kenya for his second year of tirocinium. He have already spent one month here in the community of Nairobi, learning Kiswahili. He is now preparing to go to Kaburugi.
Deacon Morris also is doing his forth year’s formation in Tangaza University College, learning Transformation and Management.
The Community of Nairobi is preparing to welcome the CWA (Catholic Women Association) coming for a visit on 9th October.
For what concern the Orionine Missionary year, a programme is been prepared and will be communicated soon.

SDP Nairo.

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