Thursday, October 10, 2013

CWA of Kandisi: Proximity and maternal love.

A mother, what could be more precious!
Who has a mother will never feel lonely.
Moreover, even distance cannot be an obstacle to the motherly love.
Maternal love always conquers all to express itself towards the children.
The Catholic Women Association of Kandisi (CWA) has once again demonstrated this reality and richness of the motherly love.
Yesterday, Wednesday 9th of October, accompanied by their parish priest Father Peter Wambulwa our moms of the CWA of Kandisi, carrying gifts, have paid ​​a friendly visit to the Community of the Formation House in Nairobi.

They wanted, through this visit, to honour a tradition dating back to the time of Father Paul Damin, first Orionine parish priest of Kandisi.
With them, we gave thanks to God in the Eucharistic celebration presided by Father Paul Mboche, assisted by Father Stanislas Achi, Father Peter Wambulwa and Deacon Morris Mawira.
By the voice of their delegate Wylclif Mumia, our students and the entire community wanted to express their sincere gratitude to our mothers for this mark of attention and this visit full of sympathy, support and expression of proximity.

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