Saturday, November 23, 2013

"Come and see" Act 2

From Monday 18 to Saturday 23, November, seven of our aspirants took part in the second session "Come and see" of the year. They were invited by the Deacon Morris, first responsible of the vocational sessions.
For one week, they tried to meet Christ on the theme: "We want to see Jesus" (Jn 12:20-26). Already on Wednesday, with Father Paul Mboche, their journey to the discovery of Christ led them to browse the areas of formation: human, intellectual and spiritual formation.
In the afternoon of Wednesday, a video session plunged them in what would be the theme of Thursday with Father Stan, the Discernment. Try to know who Jesus is above all, _ made us his own (phil 3:12) leave by him, listen to his voice calling us and so decide to follow: "I will follow you," the title of the film. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The feast of Our Lady of Divine Providence in Nairobi!

The celebration was marked today by the solemn Mass presided by Father Paul Mboche this morning assisted by Father Stan and Deacon Morris. Have also participated our young boys presente for the "Come n C" and our neighbours, the Sisters of Benebikira and Comboni Sisters.
In the evening, a fraternal meal worthy of the great feast days and a cake in honour of our Principal Patron.

May the Virgin Mary Our Mother, the one by which is coming all providential grace, obtain us to remain always faithful to God's love and may her who brought joy at Cana in Galilee, obtain happiness, charity and peace for all the Sons of Divine Providence and all the Little Missionary Sisters of the Charity.

Mary, Mediatrix of Divine Providence

We want, in the honour of this solemnity, share with you, how our Founder Luigi Orione understood the title of Mary as Mother of Divine Providence.

Mary, Mediatrix of Divine Providence in the life of the Church and of souls.
What is Providence?  It is the action of God which takes care of all things, and, by doing this, continually creates and directs them, ordaining them towards their purpose.  But Mary Most Holy, as she is co-redeemer, also by that same Providential action directs and consoles the Church towards her purpose and by her virtues supports our lives in their purpose.
These are the two points: the Providential action of Mary in the life of the Church; the Providential example and help of Mary in our lives.
The prophecies had foretold about Mary: the symbols and the types had somehow photographed her.
She was born in a poor little house in Nazareth, surrounded by all the signs of poverty, but heaven exulted and earth rejoiced:  "May the whole universe, therefore, rejoice and quiver with the deepest joy, because of the birth of the holy Virgin who has brought light to it."  (from a sermon attributed to St. Augustine; PL 39. 2104-2105).
The annunciation informs Mary of the ineffable plan of Divine Providence: Mother of God, Mother of Divine Providence, who is God.  The curse laid upon Eve turned into a blessing.
Mary of Nazareth, now the Mother of God, does not neglect for one second to comply with the plans of Providence.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Principal patron and titular of the Congregation

November 20th, as a Congregation, we celebrate today our principal Patron, the feast of our Blessed Mother Mary, Mother of Divine Providence. Find here a brief history of this celebration.

Devotion to Our Lady under the title of Mother of Divine Providence seems to have originated in the year 1732 when in the Church of SS. Blaise and Charles in Rome the picture of the Virgin with the Child in her arms was exposed and presented under that name.
In 1744 Benedict XIV granted the concession of an annual celebration of a feast in honour of Our Lady, Mother of Divine Providence, on the Saturday preceding the third Sunday in November.  A confraternity under the same name then started, having been authorised by the same Pope.  It was then raised to the status of archconfraternity by Gregory XVI.  The Barnabite Fathers honoured Our Lady, Mother of Divine Providence, naming altars, chapels, churches and colleges everywhere after her.
Blessed Luigi Orione took on this devotion as one suitable for the purpose and name of his Congregation. By a decree of 13th December 1948, the Holy See allowed the Sons of Divine Providence to include this celebration in their own calendar.  It was then granted with the title of Principal Patron by a decree of 29th September 1961. The Mass was approved on 2nd February 1972 and appointed for 20th November.  The approval of the Divine Office was granted by a decree of 27th January 1977.

Happy feast to all the Sons of Divine Providence (SDP) and the Little Missionary Sisters of the Charity (LMSC). May our Heavenly Mother intercede for us all.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

And 45th candles!

Last Tuesday, November 12, the Community of Kandisi was celebrating a special event. Father Alex blew his 45th candle.
It was a great family celebration attended by some relatives, friends, confreres and collaborators of Father Alejandro. Among the guests was also Mr Konrad Paulsen Rivas, the Chilean Ambassador to Kenya.

To Father Alex we still wish a happy birthday and all the best for the years to come.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Something of our Founder: Only charity will save the world!

We live in a century which is full of coldness and death in the life of the spirit. Everything is closed upon itself, only pleasure, vanity, passions and the life of this world is to be seen, and nothing else.  Who will give life to this generation which is dead to the life of God, if not the breath of charity of Jesus Christ?  The face of the earth will be renewed with the warmth of Spring; but the moral world will only have new life with the warmth of love.
Therefore, we must ask God not for a spark of Charity, as the Imitation of Christ says, but for a furnace of Charity to set us on fire and to renew this cold, frozen world, with the help of the grace that the Lord will give to us.
We will have a great Catholic renewal if we have great charity. We must, however, exercise it among ourselves today, and cultivate it in the heart of our Institutions, which must be real cenacles of charity. Nemo dat quod non habet [you cannot give what you do not have] :we will not give souls the flames of life and the fire and light of Charity, if we, ourselves, are not on fire, very much on fire...
Charity must be our impetus, our passion and our life: we are the garibaldini [soldiers] of the charity of Jesus Christ. I find it most unpleasant to have to use that name in such a holy, pure and divine matter; but that was the best way of expressing myself.
The cause of God and His Church can only be served by a great Charity of life, and of works. We will not get through to consciences, nor will we convert the youth, nor will we draw people to the Church, without great Charity, and a real sacrificing of ourselves, in the charity of Christ.
There is a terrible corruption in society; there is a dreadful ignorance of God; there is a materialism, a frightening hatred: only charity can still lead hearts and populations to God, and save them.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nairobi’s Community Chapel, where are we with it?

As slowly as things may seem, they are moving forward. The Chapel of the Orionine Community of Nairobi gradually takes its final form; it shows what it will be.

As you can see, the work is in the finishing phase. The tilers are at work, the glazier has completed his part and the altar is emerging in the centre of the choir. In a little while, the doors will open to the beautiful liturgical celebrations in honour of the Lord of Heaven and Earth. Once again thank you to all our benefactors, confreres and donors for the ongoing sacrifice. God bless everyone.