Saturday, November 23, 2013

"Come and see" Act 2

From Monday 18 to Saturday 23, November, seven of our aspirants took part in the second session "Come and see" of the year. They were invited by the Deacon Morris, first responsible of the vocational sessions.
For one week, they tried to meet Christ on the theme: "We want to see Jesus" (Jn 12:20-26). Already on Wednesday, with Father Paul Mboche, their journey to the discovery of Christ led them to browse the areas of formation: human, intellectual and spiritual formation.
In the afternoon of Wednesday, a video session plunged them in what would be the theme of Thursday with Father Stan, the Discernment. Try to know who Jesus is above all, _ made us his own (phil 3:12) leave by him, listen to his voice calling us and so decide to follow: "I will follow you," the title of the film. 

After the journey with Father Stan, in the afternoon of Thursday, it was the turn of Father Peter to lead them into the Motto of the Congregation: Instaurare Omnia in Christo. On Friday morning, with the help of Sister Anisia, Little Missionary Sisters of Charity, our young aspirants have made ​​the trip in one of the branches of the family, the female branch. The afternoon of Friday was both dedicated to manual work and evaluation.
The presence of these young people has led us to retrace the editorial of our formation manual and to reevaluate the weight of the words which had been used by the Father Roberto Simionato, FDP former Superior General of the Sons of Divine Providence and sister Maria Ortensia Turati, PSMdC also former Superior General of the Little Missionary Sisters of Charity, in 1996.
“When a young person comes to us....
           When a young boy or girl leaves everything to embrace religious life, they do so because they are convinced that in the Congregation they will find all they need to be happy and to fulfil an ideal of holiness and goodness which the Lord has put into their heart. Therefore, they have a right to find, through the lived experience and the way of formation, what they have already within them like a seed.
           When a boy or girl comes to Don Orione it is because they have already glimpsed in him a model which speaks to their heart, which stimulates their talents and their deepest expectations in following Christ ever more closely.
            When a boy or girl enters to become part of our religious family, we feel that our vocation has been confirmed and that the future is assured, because we know that the ones to whom we are entrusting the Gospel, the tabernacle and the poor are the treasure of the Church.
       When a boy or girl enters the Congregation with them enters the new, the present, the modern generation. It is through them that the charism is brought up to date, is inculturated and bears new fruit.
           When a boy or girl joins our religious Family, they awaken in all of us the best of our past, of our history because they do not come seeking us, but our Founder and the gift of the spirit given to him and passed on through him. Faced with each vocation, the Congregation returns to its origins, in so far as it intends to pass on the lived experience of the Founder, purified of tired habits and inconsistencies.
The arrival in the house of a vocation creates a climate of revision and formation for the whole Congregation.”
May this session "Come and see" brings to each and every one the benefits that he is looking for and may Saint Luigi Orione obtains for us by his intercession many "Holy Vocations"

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