Monday, December 2, 2013

Entrance to the Postulancy

On Saturday November 30th, three of our young aspirants have made their official entrance to postulate. Augustus Omumani Denis Aoka and Thomas Gwaro are now postulants. This ceremony was held in the strictest community privacy during the Saturday morning Mass, at 7am. Relying on the Gospel passage of the day, the feast of Saint Andrew the Apostle of the Lord, Father Paul Mboche has not failed to explain the depth and the specificity of this first step. This is a first "yes" that will determine and guide all the other "yes" they will be called to give to the invitation of Christ who constantly speaks to them, saying, "Follow me". This first "Yes" in the Little Work of Divine Providence is for our three young students of third year of Philosophy the opening of a period of immediate preparation for the novitiate. By the official entrance to the Postulancy, Augustus, Denis and Thomas made ​​their the call that Christ addresses to his Apostles. While thanking God with them for this first step they have made in the religious family of Don Orione, let us pray for them that the Lord who calls and wants to associate them to his work of love and mercy strengthens and make them, after the example of St. Andrew, true "fishers of souls" for their own joy, the joy of the congregation and for the greater glory of God.

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