Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Message of the delegate and wishes for Christmas and the New Year

The Word of the Father, who came into this world through Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit, continues to speak to each and every one of us. Are we listening and responding to the Word who speaks to us through Scripture, liturgy, people and events every day? Our personal or community daily “lectio divina” can help us to do this.
A simple method of lectio divina by yourself or with others is:
1.     Read the passage of Scripture (preferably from the Gospels) two or three times
2.     Ask yourself which word or phrase strikes you
3.     Ask the Lord to help you to understand what He is saying to you through that word or phrase: how does He want you to apply it to your life? Ask Him to help you to put it into practice, like Mary.
Don Orione says to us, “My Sons let us pray! It is not enough to meditate and keep silent, we must pay great attention to the Word of God, apply it to ourselves; reflect well, and then pray, pray, pray to the Most Holy Virgin”

This is a painting of St Jerome, one of the Fathers of the Church, who said, “Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ”. He spent the last 34 years of his long life at Bethlehem, where Christ was born, translating the Bible and meditating on it. His life was a continuous process of conversion to the Word of God.

A Happy Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you all!

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