Saturday, January 18, 2014


Today 18th January 2014, we have had our first recollection of the year 2014. It was in our sister community in Karen.
It have been animated by sister Stella. Here is the text.

“Were your faith the size of a mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree be uprooted and planted in the sea, and it would obey you”(Luke 17:6)

    It is traditionally held that Jesus said these words to his disciples when he was about to send them out in their mission.
It is easy to get discouraged and frightened when you know that you are small unprepared flock, with no particular talents, faced with a great crowd of people to whom you must carry the truth of the gospel. It is easy to lose heart because you realize that you are facing people whose interests are entirely different from the kingdom of God. It seems an impossible task .It is then that Jesus assures his disciples that by faith they will “uproot” the indifference and apathy of the world .If they have faith nothing will be impossible for them. At times when we are faced with difficulties we might be tempted to turn away from God. Human logic says “GIVE UP’: it” no use anyway It is then Jesus exhorts us not to be discouraged, but turn to God with trust. In one way or the other he will answer us.


           FROM DON ORIONE (24-6-1937)
v  I felt that then it was my duty –it was a need – not only to remember the gift that God gave me, infusing me with faith but also to dwell, even briefly or in an in complete manner on the faith and to give thanks together for it to the lord as this would also help your spirit, since the faith is not only the fundamental theological divine virtue but it is also for us religious- and even more for us sons of divine providence. A son of divine providence then means a son of the faith. We will never be true sons of divine providence without a life that is wholly and trust in God.Having finished chapter x saying that the just man will attain the life of faith, St Paul goes on with a profound thought to define faith and the whole of chapter xi he sings of the faith of the elders and the life of the ancient fathers. And then he begins faith is the substance of what is hoped for and a proof of things not seen.” It is through faith” he tells us” that we realize that the centuries were created by the word of God”.Therfore it is only faith that the work of the creator of the universe becomes an obvious fact. “from what was visible things have come through faith,through the virtue of faith ,Abel offered God a sacrifice that was more worthy than Cain and God bore witness to his gift and still speaks long after his death (Gen 4:1-24). And here the apostle adds “without faith is impossible to become acceptable to God” through faith Noah went to get the ark ready (Gen 5). Through faith Abraham obeyed moving to a country that he was an inheritance  and he went without knowing where he was going (Gen 12).
v  Through faith Isaac gave the greatest blessing of good things come, through faith Jacob blessed each of the sons of Joseph from his death-bed (Gen 48)  
v  Through faith Joseph approaching his end recalled the departure of the sons of Israel (Gen 49)
v  Through faith Moses and the chosen people crossed the red sea as if it were dry.
v  Through faith the walls of Jericho collapsed.
This, oh sons of divine providence is the faith of our fathers .These are our examples, our models! They are our brothers of faith and charity .If we can not live faith and charity, of what can we live?    
And how can we dare still call ourselves sons of divine providence if we do not live faith which is lived by the just man of that great faith which   when necessary moves the mountain?

In the light of the word
Biblical text Mt 5:8
                       GEN 22:1-8

What strikes you in this reflection and words of Don Orione?
What is your commitment on this day of recollection for this month especially on your FAITH AS A SDP?

GOD alone can give faith
But you can give your witness.

GOD alone can give hope
But you can give others confidence

GOD alone can give love
But you can teach others to love

GOD alone can give peace
But you can bring unity
GOD alone can do the impossible BUT you can do the POSIBLE…

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