Thursday, February 20, 2014

A busy week for Don Freitas in Kenya

Arrived in Nairobi last Saturday, February 15, his original program was a visit to the House of Formation and stay with this Community to share with our youth and their formatters Fathers Paul Mboche and Stan, assisted by Father Joachim Aboa and Deacon Morris Mawira their daily reality. But as we like to say here, man proposes and God disposes. Already on Sunday, he will be driven to visit the Community of Kandisi and concelebrate with Father Stan and Father Jacques, Vicar General of Grand Bassam also visiting Kenya, the Holy Mass. On Monday, after the community meeting in which he took part, he will be prompted to visit Kaburugi, nearly 70 kms from Nairobi to live 24 hours of his short stay with the brothers of the parish, Father Raphael Kailemiah and Father James Njoroje Waituika.

Returned from Kaburugi the evening of Tuesday, he had a meeting with the seminarians in philosophy. In his exchange with them, he put a special emphasis on three dimensions of their formation: The dimension of Prayer, Manual and academic Work community life. He invited our young men to actually imitate Don Orione and utterly his way of being and living, still attached to Christ at the centre of all the be laborious in work and dedicated in Community life. On Wednesday morning, accompanied by Fathers Alex and Peter, he will be invited to visit Rombo, a town on the border of Tanzania. Returning from Rombo on Thursday in the Good-night, through words and phrases full of paternal affection, he will say goodbye to the Community of Nairobi, ensuring each and every one of his prayers and expressing his gratitude for the welcome of which he was subject. In response, on behalf of the Community, the Father Director, Father Paul Mboche express him back the gratitude of everyone and load him to pass on our greetings to all in Rome.

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