Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Don Freitas at the SDP Kenya Communities monthly meeting

Yesterday 17th February 2014, we held our regular monthly meeting, bringing together the Communities of Kaburugi, Kandisi and Nairobi. The exception of this meeting yesterday was the presence of Don Freitas currently visiting Kenya. He was so invited to address to the different Communities. First of all through words of encouragement, Don Freitas, our host, did not fail to commend the initiative of a monthly meeting of all our communities. He also hoped that this meeting in the future may become the space and the perfect opportunity to study the sheets of ongoing formation and renewal in the Charism. Continuing his remarks, he summed up in two points the reason for his visit:
+ Accompany each and every community in the celebration of this missionary year.
+ Due to his responsibility, counsellor in charge of formation, touch of a finger the reality of the formation which is lived here in Kenya and encouraged to faithfulness to the requirements of this formation.

About formation, he invited each and everyone of us to the witness and testimony of life, noting that the testimony of life is in itself the greatest formation that the seniors can give to the youngest. He also stressed that this testimony may be in terms of gestures, words and deeds. May our actions may not be signs of scandals for the younger. To the formatters, he invites them to put an emphasis on three key dimensions of religious formation and more about the Sons of Divine Providence: 
+ Prayer
+ Studies 
+ and Manual Work.
He also gave advice about our ministry and our apostolic and pastoral realities, calling for a practical implementation of the first chapter of the Post Synodal Exhortation, Evangelium Gaude.

After the intervention of Don Freitas, our meeting continued with the news from each Communities and the upcoming celebrations, the priestly ordination of Deacon Morris Mawira and the Blessing of the New Chapel of Nairobi scheduled for the month of May.

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