Sunday, February 16, 2014

Two General Councellors in Nairobi

The Don Orione Community of Nairobi had the joy of the visit yesterday of Sister Maria Alicja Kedziora, General Councellor of the Little Missionary Sisters of Charity, in charge of formation and youth ministry. She was accompanied by her sisters of the Novitiate Community of Nairobi, Sister Maria Marguerite and Sister Alberta.
Coincidence or providential act, the same day yesterday, had just arrived in Nairobi, our General Councillor Don João Batista De Freitas for a one week visit in Nairobi.
Our two guests took this opportunity to meet with our youth in philosophy and the new who will begin by early March the orientation course.
In their words and recommendations, they both have not miss to invite the young people in formation and their formatters to cultivate the spirit of family and really live for Don Orione in order to offer him gracefully to others who will want to know him. The occasion was also perfect for our young people, through questions, to discover more aspects of our family and dig more curiosity about other point of the Orionine life.

After the exchange time, our guests had the opportunity to visit the Community, the new chapel in completion, the garden with the "Green House" and the space for animals, cattle and rabbits. Great was the joy they expressed about what is happening in this community. They therefore advised that the course is maintained in this commitment and dedication to work both academic and manual. Sister Alicja returns this Sunday in Italy while Don Freitas will be with us for a week.

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