Monday, March 17, 2014

Before May 23rd!

Before May 23rd, 2014, scheduled to be the date of the blessing and official opening of the Chapel of the Don Orione’s Community of Nairobi, last Saturday, March 15, held a small ceremony of gratitude to all the workers and benefactors from here and elsewhere who have sustain this project.
The work is officially completed. We are now in the phase of the beautification, finishing touches and furnishings.
This ceremony of thanksgiving and gratitude is first and foremost an opportunity to give thanks to God for his insurance and the protection he gave to all those who worked on this project. No major incident or loss was recorded, this is due to his benevolence. If things throughout unfolded beautifully and gave this beautiful architectural result, it is also due to his good will.

Participated in this fraternal lunches of thanksgiving, the foreman mason and masterpiece, Mungai Hesbon, the masons who helped him, Nganga and colleagues, the metalworkers and carpenters, the tilers ... The architect was expected, but due to some impediments could not take part in the celebration, as well as the electrician. Appointment is taken for May 23rd, date of the blessing and official opening by the Apostolic Nuncio in Kenya, Most Rev. Charles Daniel Balvo, with the confirmed presence of Father Malcolm George Dyer the Superior of our Delegation and Father Giuseppe Vallauri pionier of the Mission in Kenya.

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