Friday, March 7, 2014

Moving towards May!

We approach little by little to May and the new chapel of Nairobi Community takes its final screed. Officially, the blessing is scheduled for the third week of May. It will give an opportunity to celebrate here in Kenya the Orionine Missionary Year.
While constructors and workers are fighting to give the final form, others come here and there with great ideas and give out more of his beauty to this architectural marvel. A roundabout Don Orione just in front of the building, adorned with flowers, and the surprise of the moment, the beautiful tabernacle in the shape of the chapel as if it were custom designed.

The students with their infatuation and physical strength are always giving time and hard manual work to make the space more beautiful. For whom was visiting there is less than a week, it will be quite difficult to recognize the space and especially greater will be his or her amazement to see how fast things change and beautify.

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