Thursday, April 24, 2014

Kandisi Parish: “Youth are the sun or the storm of tomorrow” Don Orione

The youth of Kandisi Parish, since Tuesday 22nd April are in a seminar for three days at one of our out station.
Around 20 youth, most of them from Kandisi Community have met at "Maji Mazuri Secondary School", in Entimikomi to think about their role in the community. The first day, with Father Peter, they have tryed to discover their own reality and how to put this reality at the service of the Church. With Father Stan, the point have been "How to build tomorrow?"
Here is the text of this second point:


Saint Luigi Orione, said that Youth are the sun or the storm of tomorrow. I think in this historical moment in which we are living, young people are both the sun as well as the storm, and also you will agree with me, not only of tomorrow but even of today and now. We the youth, you and I, now more than ever, we feel the need to have strong certainty. We need not only to know where are we going? But also how are we going? And why are we going, isn't. We want sincerity, freedom, justice and peace. We want by our side some people who can walk and work with us, listen to us and watch over us. Just like Jesus with the disciples of Emmaus as we have just read in today's Gospel.
Youth wants people who can give them the real freedom, which means responsibility, love, truth and commitment for going good to all, doing good always, and never harm no one. I remember when I was in Italy last year, Pope Francis was answering to some elders complaining about the young generation, saying that the new generation is corrupt, sinful and so one. Pope Francis answered saying that this generation is only living according to her time. In fact, young people today have an inexhaustible thirst for Christ. We, you and I are yearning for Christ, isn't? Only that for some time we make choice of wrong means to look for Christ. Many models we use to choose are really not a models to be followed. We feel a thirst for joyful witnesses who have met Jesus and bet on him all their lives.
Being like you, I know that we want a Church, a Community and a parish which still on the ground, and ever closer to your requirements. And you are right to ask so.
Only that we don't have to forget that the Church as association, family and community is also requiring something from you. She wants your courage, your energy and your strength to build her future and ensure this future. You are the sun or the storm of tomorrow. What you will decide, likewise will be the “tomorrow” of our Mother Church.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Orionine Missionary Year: Official Opening of Nairobi's Chapel

The Community Don Orione of Nairobi has the great joy to invite you to the ceremony of the blessing and official opening of the new Chapel of the Formation House located in Karen Nairobi, just after Kenya School of Law. It will be in May 23rd, by His Excellence, Charles Daniel Balvo, Apostolic Nuncio of Kenya.
This celebration is to be inserted as part of the festivities of the Orionine Missionary Year (2013-2014).

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Superior General's Birthday

But the days are not lost,
On the contrary they are collected
Like grains of sand
In the bottom of the hourglass.
Every year is like a book
With 365 blank pages.
Birthdays are special days.
We close a chapter
Of our lives
And we open another.
Make of each day your masterpiece,
Using all the colours of life.

Dearest Don Flavio,
You are special,
Never forget,
Make special the people
To whom you give love,
Friendship and affection,
In order not to waste
Even one day
Of your life.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Follow Christ in the religious family of Don Orione

Back in image on the ceremony of the perpetual vows.

As usual for such great ceremonies, the joy was effective at Monte Mario this Sunday, April 6, 2014. Surrounded by friends, confreres and relatives, Br Anthony Njenga and Br Andre' Koungbanwobougou said yes to God for ever to follow Christ in the religious family of the Little Work of Divine Providence by the celebration of their perpetual vows.  Fr Flavio presided the Mass and many priest-friends from Kenya and West Africa and Sisters and Lay People attended, as well as many confreres, at Mater Dei Parish Church, Monte Mario.
The surprise a cake in the image of the new chapel Don Orione of Nairobi.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Yes to be Orionine for ever!

The event has  taken place in the Parish Mater Dei in Rome Monte Mario with a solemn Eucharist presided by the Superior General Fr Flavio Peloso, and has lasted until the afternoon. The two protagonists of today's feast were: André Koungbanwobougou (from Togo) and Anthony Mburu Njenga (from our Delegation Mother of the Church, Kenya). During the Eucharistic celebration Anthony and André have professed their fidelity to the Lord for ever. To receive the votes was the Superior General. By these vows of chastity, obedience, poverty and special fidelity to the Pope, Anthony and Andrew are now members for ever of the Little Work of the Divine Providence. We wish them all the best and happy to welcome them as perpetual members of our Orionine's family.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

News from the Delegation

Dear Confrere, Sister, Friend,

I would like to share with you the joyful news that Br Anthony Njenga Mburu from Kenya will be making his perpetual vows on Sunday 6th April at the "Mater Dei" Parish, Monte Mario, Rome together with Br André from the Vice-Province of Africa.  
On 17th May Deacon Morris Mawira Gichia from Kenya will be ordained priest in Meru, Kenya.
I would also like to mention that Fr John Carmel Perrotta is in hospital in Dublin waiting for an angioplast to allow his heart to function better.  Also Fr Alejandro Ruiz in Kenya has had a minor operation for a kidney stone and is recovering.
Let us remember all these confreres in our prayers as we continue to try to listen to and put into practice more perfectly the Word of God in our lives so that we may build up all in Christ as St Luigi Orione tells us.
God bless you all,
Fr Malcolm