Thursday, April 3, 2014

News from the Delegation

Dear Confrere, Sister, Friend,

I would like to share with you the joyful news that Br Anthony Njenga Mburu from Kenya will be making his perpetual vows on Sunday 6th April at the "Mater Dei" Parish, Monte Mario, Rome together with Br AndrĂ© from the Vice-Province of Africa.  
On 17th May Deacon Morris Mawira Gichia from Kenya will be ordained priest in Meru, Kenya.
I would also like to mention that Fr John Carmel Perrotta is in hospital in Dublin waiting for an angioplast to allow his heart to function better.  Also Fr Alejandro Ruiz in Kenya has had a minor operation for a kidney stone and is recovering.
Let us remember all these confreres in our prayers as we continue to try to listen to and put into practice more perfectly the Word of God in our lives so that we may build up all in Christ as St Luigi Orione tells us.
God bless you all,
Fr Malcolm

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