Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Delegate Canonical Visit in Kenya

After the beautiful and colourful celebrations of 17th and 23rd May, time is now to evaluate life of our different communities. Father Malcolm the Superior of our Delegate and Father Joseph Vallauri the Secretary of the Delegation have taken time, from Saturday 24th to Monday to visit our different Communities and see really how are things going on.
At the end of this short but successful visit, we held a general meeting yesterday in the Community of Nairobi with the presence of Fr Raphael and Fr James from Kaburugi Community, Fr Peter and Fr Alex from Kandisi Community, Fr Mboche, Fr Morris and Fr Stan from Nairobi Community.
The agenda was about:
° Report from every Community
° Revise the General Chapter Document
° Proposal for the future of our Coordination here in Kenya
° How to support one another better in our community, pastoral and spiritual life?
° Report about our apostolate
° Vocation and formation Process
° Cooperation with our Sisters (LMSC)
° Project and source of finance (financial stability)
° New Community in view?
° Input and AOB.

Nairobi Community:
The report from the communities have started with the formation house of Nairobi. The Community is constituted with Fr Mboche Paul, Superior, Fr Stan ACHI, Vicar and Bursar and Fr Morris Mawira, Vocation Director. We have also a great support of Father Joachim Aboa, from Grand-Bassam (Côte d’Ivoire) studying psychology and counselling here in Nairobi.
In general view everything is going on well. There is somehow a need to involve more our students in our pastoral work and the sprayed of our Charism. Also a need to involve all the other confreres of the other communities in the formation of our young people.

Kaburugi Community:
The Community is constituted with Fr Raphael Kailemiah and Fr James Njoroje. Life in Kaburugi is most about pastoral work. In this, there is many new development and we can observe a real growth of Christian practices and sacramental life. Many Baptism of Babies and Weddings this year. Also growth of the Small Christian Communities (SCC) (Jumuhia in Kiswahili), in number of participants an numbers also of Communities.
About the Orione Centre, very good support from each parish communities. Christians are really involve in the life of the Centre.
About youth, choirs and children, everything is also moving well. The Parish is constituted of 8 outstation: Kaburugi, Kawendo, Mathuri, Mahuti, Manyika, Ngararia, Muruka and Kiranga.

Kandisi Community:
Not new born parish, but last born community. Very old parish but really young in the way being as a parish. The fathers moved there fully in November 2012. The Community is constituted by Fr Peter and Father Alex (in charge of the Orione Centre), with the support from the brothers of Nairobi Community.
In terms of pastoral we have the introduction of the morning Mass everyday in Kandisi Mother Church. The Parish is constituted of nine (9) outstations: Holy Spirit of Kandisi, St Ignatius of Olekasasi, Holy Family of Oloosirikon, St Francis of Emakoko, St John of Rangau, St Antony of New Rangau, Don Orione of Sholinke, St Joseph of Entimikomi and Holy Family of Noopopong. The greatest challenge is about the road to each one of the outstations. The big event of this year have been the Jubilee weeding of 15 couples. The other big challenge is about resistance of some leaders to realise that now the Fathers are fully present in the Parish. This is source of many opposition most about financial matters and some decisions. The Holy Spirit School is also other challenge with problem of management.
Soon coming event, the Family day, in the feast of Pentecost, this coming 8th June.

The Orione Centre:
About the Orione Centre, things are moving on very well in Kaburugi. The Shamba (farming project) is a very successful support for the Centre. We have also support from some NGO from the USA and elsewhere and a very good concern of the First Lady of Kenya about our Centre.
In Kandisi, the Shamba is running very well. We are still waiting and moving about official and administration documents before the starting of the building of the Centre.
The good news is that by the Orione Centre, our Congregation have started been known by many people all over the Country.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kenya: Orionine Missionary Year, Words of one pioneer

Father Malcolm asked me to say something about the beginnings of our missionary experience as Don Orione family here in Kenya. But before other words, I wish to say thank you to our sisters, since they are the one who first implanted the name of Don Orione in our reality here in Kenya, in the years 1979.
We had contact with the Bishops of Meru and Murang'a through our sisters in the years 80. However, we felt the interest to start when our sisters invited first Fr Malcolm in 1990 then in 1992 myself to preach retreats and give seminars to their postulants. They also told us that there were some young men who desired to join our Congregation since they felt attracted to the charism of Don Orione. Two of those young men are here today, Priest in our Religious family. I mean, Father Raphael and Father Peter. We met those young people on our visit once or more per year. As we were not yet present here in Kenya, we sent them first to be with the Cottolengo for religious experience and then in Ivory Coast for the Noviciate.
In the year 1996, finish my time in Dublin, I was asked to look for a place in Kenya for our Congregation. Looking and asking here and there, we will find the house of a gentleman, Mr. Erastus Kabugua, in the quarter of Langata South Road, in Karen. It will be the beginning of a nice and lovely missionary experience, which later on will be carry on by Father José Martin in March 1997. We will have the visit of our Superior General Father Simeonato the same year. Then Father Marek Krakus, Father Paulo Damin, Father Malcolm Dyer, Father Raymond Ahoua (now Bishop Raymond), will join us.
In the year 1998, will be the beginning of our Parish of Kaburugi and one year later, in 1999, in September, the Bishop of Ngong will invite us for the Parish of Kandisi.
Let me end these remarks by saying thank you first of all to God Almighty, for it is His grace that helped from the origin and development of our activities here in the name of our Congregation. Also thanks to the Virgin Mary and Saint Luigi Orione for their constant presence and intercession. I trust that even today our founder (Don Luigi Orione) is happy in heaven for this celebration here on earth for the work of his children. Moreover, special thanks to His Excellency Bishop Charles Balvo, Ambassador of the Holy Father for the blessing of this chapel in this community where our students prepare to become priests and brothers of tomorrow.

Fr. Giuseppe Vallauri
Achiviste of the Congregation and 
Secretary of the Delegation Our Lady of the Church. 

(Parts of this text were in Kiswahili, the translation is the work of the editors of this blog).

Official Opening of Nairobi Chapel

In an atmosphere worthy of the great feast days, yesterday we celebrated the blessing and official opening of the Don Orione of Nairobi Chapel.
The joy was at its height in the Scholasticate Don Orione of Nairobi Langata South Road. His Excellency Bishop Charles Balvo, Apostolic Nuncio of Kenya was there for the dedication of the altar and the blessing of the chapel. Surrounded by family, friends and faithful Christians from Nairobi, Kandisi and Kaburugi, this ceremony was also wanted to be the official celebration of the Orionine Missionary Year here in Kenya.
Have made the trip to attend this event, Father Malcolm George Dyer and Father Joseph Vallauri pioneer of the Orionine Mission in Kenya.
In their various speeches, Father Paul Mboche, Joseph Vallauri, Malcolm Dyer and Bishop Charles Balvo have constantly given thanks to God for this day and say a sincere thank you to all those, benefactors from here and elsewhere , workers and everyone who worked to make possible the construction of this new chapel.
After the beautiful Eucharistic celebration, the first in this building, presided by the Apostolic Nuncio, a fraternal meal was shared with all those who have attended the event.
The apotheosis, the cutting of the cake, a miniature copy of the chapel and its surroundings.

Our gratitude and prayers to our benefactors: Mrs Jean Mankelow, Sig. Adele Cappelli and the organization "Aid to the Church in Need" (Germany)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Father Morris' Thanksgiving Mass

One day after his priestly ordination, on Sunday, May 18th, the Rev. Father Morris Mawira celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving to the Lord. That was in the Church of the Sacred Heart of Kariakomo Prayer House.
Surrounded by Father Malcolm George Dyer, Fr James Njoroge Waituika, Fr Joachim Aboa Ake, Fr Paul Mboche, Bishop Raymond Ahoua and many other diocesan and religious priests, seminarians and consacrated men and women, Father Morris in a family atmosphere chaired his first Eucharistic Celebration. While he is solemnly, by this celebration, opening his priestly ministry, we wish him good service and good work where the Spirit of God through the superior, will call him to work.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Orione Kenya: Priestly Ordination in Meru

On Saturday 17th May 2014, while the congregation was still in the festivities of the 10th anniversary of the canonization of our Founder Don Orione, Deacon Morris Mawira, together with Deacon Eric Mwiti from the Diocese of Meru said yes to follow and serve Christ forever in the priestly ministry. The village of Kariakomo in the parish of Chogoria was buzzing. Two of its sons were honored. Our confrere Morris Mawira and the young Deacon Eric Mwiti received the second degree of the sacrament of Holy Orders by the imposition of hands and the prayer of consecration of his Excellency Bishop Salesius Mugambi, Bishop of Meru in the presence of Bishop Raymond Ahoua, Bishop of Grand Bassam (Côte d'Ivoire).
Were also present to witness and experience this event Father Malcolm Dyer, the Superior of the Missionary Delegation Mary Mother of the Church, all our brothers of Kenya, our young seminarians in philosophy and our sisters, the Little Missionary Sisters of Charity and the Sacramentine Sisters.
Father Morris Mawira Gichia, son of Japson Kaburu Ntwuara and Michelina Karambu Kaburu, after his primary and secondary studies at Chuka and in Meru, joined the Congregation as an aspirant in the years 2003-2004, welcomed by Bishop Raymond Ahoua at that time Father Raymond, in charge of the formation of the seminarians in Nairobi. After the sessions of "Come and See" and the courses of orientation, he was admitted in year of philosophy. After three years at the Consolata Institute of Philosophy, he will go to Côte d'Ivoire for the Novitiate. Finished his year of novitiate in 2008, he was appointed to St Peter's Parish of Kaburugi for two years of Pastoral Stage. He returned to Côte d'Ivoire, in the Missionary Training Center Abidjan (CFMA) for the Theological formation. In February 2011, the tragic political-military crisis facing Côte d'Ivoire would oblige him and his fellow Orionines of the Scholasticate Don Orione of N'Dotré to flee the seminar, as well as other members of other congregations.
Feeling the situation continue, the Supériors of the Delegation will take him back to Kenya he and his elder James Njoroge Waituika to continue their formation in Hekima College in Nairobi.
Ordained deacon June 29, 2013, will be invited to continue his training in Human Science and Management at the Tangaza University College of Nairobi.
With Father Morris Mawira we give thanks to God for the gift of the ministerial priesthood and the choice of his humble servant to make of him the instrument of his action and his service to his people and children.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

16 May on our way to Meru

The 16th May, liturgical Solemnity and 10th anniversary of the canonization of Don Orione was lived in complete sobriety here in Kenya. The highlight was the preparation of the Priestly Ordination of Deacon Morris Mawira to be held the next day, May 17th. Bound for Meru, a technical stopover in Kaburugi. The Fathers Malcolm Dyer, Paul Mboche Peter Wambulwa, Alejandro Ruiz and Stan Achi were welcomed by a beautiful picture of Don Orione at the foot of the altar in the parish church of Kaburugi where Father Raphael Kailemiah was waiting for them.
To all the sons and daughters of the Don Orione family we wish a lovely celebration and a happy tenth anniversary of canonization. May St Luigi Orione always intercede for us his sons and spiritual daughters.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Don Orione Saint: Already 10 years

As here in kenya the celebration will be for tomorrow with the priestly ordination of Deacon Morris Mawira, we have chosen share with you today 16th May the wishes of our Delagate Fr Malcolm Der.
Happy Feast of St Luigi Orione, ten years since his canonization!

Please pray for those confreres from India who renew their vows today and for Deacon Morris Mawira Gichia from Kenya who will be ordained priest tomorrow in Meru, Kenya and Deacon Mateusz Antoniak from Poland, who spent his tirocinium in India, who will be ordained at Zdunka Wola, Poland, tomorrow.

Please also remember in your prayers Fr Lawrence Tosatto, who has been in India for many years and who is undergoing tests and treatment at our house in Bergamo, near Milan. 

Thanks for your prayers for Fr John Perrotta, who is recovering after a procedure to improve his heart function.

Let us reflect on these words of St Luigi Orione, quoted by Fr Flavio in his recent circular letter on how to understand and move with Pope Francis: "Already several times I have told you that to truly love the Lord, Our Lady and the holy things of the Church, we need almost to be fixated on them...We must be fixated   uniquely on that which concerns the love and glory of God, of our Lady and the salvation of souls....what was our Lady’s attitude to Jesus? You know the answer: She lived only for him! She spoke only of him and for him, she prayed and suffered quite freely for him;  I would say she thought that which Jesus thought – if that were possible – so much did she,  through her love,  want to express her feelings, her thoughts as those of live in complete union, in everything with Jesus” (In the Footsteps of Don Orione p. 88).

Fr. Malcolm

Monday, May 12, 2014

32th Graduation at Consolata Institute of Philosophy

“To be philosopher is not merely to have subtle thoughts, nor even to found a school, but so to love wisdom as to live according to its dictates, a life of simplicity, independence, magnanimity and trust”. (Henri David Thoreau)
It is led by this quotation that our young students, among almost hundred other from different Congregations and Religious Institutes have closed their three years of philosophical formation at the Consolata Institute of Philosophy of Nairobi.
Thomas Gwaro, Denis Aoka and Augustus Omumani are since Friday  09th May, graduated ex art of Philosophy.
The theme of this graduation ceremony was “Integrating Christian Faith in Transformational Leadership for Social Change”. The Guest of honour, Prof. Nicholas Letting, Vice-Chancellor of the Management University of Africa did not fail to invite the new Graduated in Philosophy to manage well their own life, but also and most their faith and their new on taken mission and stage of formation for the wellbeing of the people of God.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nairobi Chapel: Less than three weeks

Less than three weeks to the blessing and official opening, what about the Orionine chapel of Nairobi?
It has henceforth its final adornment , unless of a major last minute changes. At the heart of the whole edifice is given to see the tabernacle. In an Africanism and exceptional beauty, it is the size and shape of the chapel. A masterpiece work of a young Kenyan artist and woodworker, Nicodemus. He is also the one who provided the interior furniture, cross and benches.
From the outside, florists and decorators have put some how their own, although some thing is always to be perfect.
In the center of compound of the formation house, this chapel wants to be the best possible place for meeting and meditation for those who pass by. Matter of estimation, it could accommodate 150 to 200 worshipers.
Inside, the lighting of the day gives a simple brilliance that actually invites all to gather there.
Any time you pass by Karen Langata in Nairobi, please do not hesitate stop there for a moment of prayer with our seminarians and the entire community.