Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Delegate Canonical Visit in Kenya

After the beautiful and colourful celebrations of 17th and 23rd May, time is now to evaluate life of our different communities. Father Malcolm the Superior of our Delegate and Father Joseph Vallauri the Secretary of the Delegation have taken time, from Saturday 24th to Monday to visit our different Communities and see really how are things going on.
At the end of this short but successful visit, we held a general meeting yesterday in the Community of Nairobi with the presence of Fr Raphael and Fr James from Kaburugi Community, Fr Peter and Fr Alex from Kandisi Community, Fr Mboche, Fr Morris and Fr Stan from Nairobi Community.
The agenda was about:
° Report from every Community
° Revise the General Chapter Document
° Proposal for the future of our Coordination here in Kenya
° How to support one another better in our community, pastoral and spiritual life?
° Report about our apostolate
° Vocation and formation Process
° Cooperation with our Sisters (LMSC)
° Project and source of finance (financial stability)
° New Community in view?
° Input and AOB.

Nairobi Community:
The report from the communities have started with the formation house of Nairobi. The Community is constituted with Fr Mboche Paul, Superior, Fr Stan ACHI, Vicar and Bursar and Fr Morris Mawira, Vocation Director. We have also a great support of Father Joachim Aboa, from Grand-Bassam (Côte d’Ivoire) studying psychology and counselling here in Nairobi.
In general view everything is going on well. There is somehow a need to involve more our students in our pastoral work and the sprayed of our Charism. Also a need to involve all the other confreres of the other communities in the formation of our young people.

Kaburugi Community:
The Community is constituted with Fr Raphael Kailemiah and Fr James Njoroje. Life in Kaburugi is most about pastoral work. In this, there is many new development and we can observe a real growth of Christian practices and sacramental life. Many Baptism of Babies and Weddings this year. Also growth of the Small Christian Communities (SCC) (Jumuhia in Kiswahili), in number of participants an numbers also of Communities.
About the Orione Centre, very good support from each parish communities. Christians are really involve in the life of the Centre.
About youth, choirs and children, everything is also moving well. The Parish is constituted of 8 outstation: Kaburugi, Kawendo, Mathuri, Mahuti, Manyika, Ngararia, Muruka and Kiranga.

Kandisi Community:
Not new born parish, but last born community. Very old parish but really young in the way being as a parish. The fathers moved there fully in November 2012. The Community is constituted by Fr Peter and Father Alex (in charge of the Orione Centre), with the support from the brothers of Nairobi Community.
In terms of pastoral we have the introduction of the morning Mass everyday in Kandisi Mother Church. The Parish is constituted of nine (9) outstations: Holy Spirit of Kandisi, St Ignatius of Olekasasi, Holy Family of Oloosirikon, St Francis of Emakoko, St John of Rangau, St Antony of New Rangau, Don Orione of Sholinke, St Joseph of Entimikomi and Holy Family of Noopopong. The greatest challenge is about the road to each one of the outstations. The big event of this year have been the Jubilee weeding of 15 couples. The other big challenge is about resistance of some leaders to realise that now the Fathers are fully present in the Parish. This is source of many opposition most about financial matters and some decisions. The Holy Spirit School is also other challenge with problem of management.
Soon coming event, the Family day, in the feast of Pentecost, this coming 8th June.

The Orione Centre:
About the Orione Centre, things are moving on very well in Kaburugi. The Shamba (farming project) is a very successful support for the Centre. We have also support from some NGO from the USA and elsewhere and a very good concern of the First Lady of Kenya about our Centre.
In Kandisi, the Shamba is running very well. We are still waiting and moving about official and administration documents before the starting of the building of the Centre.
The good news is that by the Orione Centre, our Congregation have started been known by many people all over the Country.

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