Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nairobi Chapel: Less than three weeks

Less than three weeks to the blessing and official opening, what about the Orionine chapel of Nairobi?
It has henceforth its final adornment , unless of a major last minute changes. At the heart of the whole edifice is given to see the tabernacle. In an Africanism and exceptional beauty, it is the size and shape of the chapel. A masterpiece work of a young Kenyan artist and woodworker, Nicodemus. He is also the one who provided the interior furniture, cross and benches.
From the outside, florists and decorators have put some how their own, although some thing is always to be perfect.
In the center of compound of the formation house, this chapel wants to be the best possible place for meeting and meditation for those who pass by. Matter of estimation, it could accommodate 150 to 200 worshipers.
Inside, the lighting of the day gives a simple brilliance that actually invites all to gather there.
Any time you pass by Karen Langata in Nairobi, please do not hesitate stop there for a moment of prayer with our seminarians and the entire community.

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