Saturday, May 24, 2014

Official Opening of Nairobi Chapel

In an atmosphere worthy of the great feast days, yesterday we celebrated the blessing and official opening of the Don Orione of Nairobi Chapel.
The joy was at its height in the Scholasticate Don Orione of Nairobi Langata South Road. His Excellency Bishop Charles Balvo, Apostolic Nuncio of Kenya was there for the dedication of the altar and the blessing of the chapel. Surrounded by family, friends and faithful Christians from Nairobi, Kandisi and Kaburugi, this ceremony was also wanted to be the official celebration of the Orionine Missionary Year here in Kenya.
Have made the trip to attend this event, Father Malcolm George Dyer and Father Joseph Vallauri pioneer of the Orionine Mission in Kenya.
In their various speeches, Father Paul Mboche, Joseph Vallauri, Malcolm Dyer and Bishop Charles Balvo have constantly given thanks to God for this day and say a sincere thank you to all those, benefactors from here and elsewhere , workers and everyone who worked to make possible the construction of this new chapel.
After the beautiful Eucharistic celebration, the first in this building, presided by the Apostolic Nuncio, a fraternal meal was shared with all those who have attended the event.
The apotheosis, the cutting of the cake, a miniature copy of the chapel and its surroundings.

Our gratitude and prayers to our benefactors: Mrs Jean Mankelow, Sig. Adele Cappelli and the organization "Aid to the Church in Need" (Germany)

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