Sunday, June 22, 2014


Last Tuesday on 17 june 2014, Br. Njenga Anthony who is studying theology in Rome concluded basic theological studies at the Salesian Pontifical University by defending his degree thesis in Theology. “Christ the Lord, full revelation of God and Man” was the title of his thesis. The moderator was Prof. Paolo Carlotti (teaches Fundamental Moral Theology and Bioethics) while the second moderator was Prof. Maciej Sarbinowski (teaches Introduction to theology and Fundamental theology).In his thesis written and discussed in Italian, Njenga outlined and insisted on the centrality of the fullness of revelation of God’s and Man’s mystery in Christ. Christ being the Son of God is the perfect revelation of God and on the other hand, being the perfect Man and the new Adam, he is the appropriate revelation of Man/human being: As a result, in order to understand and know the heart of God, we should look at Christ and to be able to understand and realize who human being is, as well as his existential vocation, we should therefore look at Christ.
He also exposed the reasons as to why he chose “Christ the Lord, full revelation of God and Man” as the title of his degree thesis: The objective realization that in today’s society many people lead an indifferent life, as if God doesn’t exist, giving very little importance to human dignity and to man’s supreme destiny fully revealed in Christ. Only Christ, who is both the revealer of God and the perfect model for every man, is the only key to understanding the mystery of God and man. We are in a society where everything which has a religious character is being relativized, trivialized and rejected, forgetting that when you reject God, you automatically reject man because human existence cannot make sense by itself without God who created man for to a good and specific end. He concluded his thesis dedicating some pages about "Saint Luigi Orione the saint of Charity"

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