Thursday, August 21, 2014

“Pope Pius X, our supreme benefactor, our Pope”

As today, June 21st, the Church celebrates the liturgical memorial of St. Pius X, a short ride of history inspires us about this Pope and our Founder. PIUS X (1903 - 1914).
"The Holy Father Pius X will always be our supreme benefactor, our Pope."
It 's the thought of Don Orione, revealing his affection, the interest and the protection given by the Pope very valuable to the Little Work of the Divine Providence.
Pius X had news of Don Orione when he was still Cardinal in Venice.
The year after his election, he entrusted to our Founder the Church of St. Anne of the Palafrenieri. 
In 1908, when the devastating earthquake struck the Calabria, South of the Italy and the Sicily, the Pope appointed Don Orione as vicar-general of Messina. 
The two holy souls (Luigi Orione and Pius X) were very close to each other, the contacts were frequent, and audiences friendly.
Memorable an audience of 1906, in which Pius X revised and annotated the first Constitutions of the Little Work of the Divine Providence. During a private audience of the 19 April 1912, he offered to Don Orione the joy of making perpetual vows in his own hand: "For witnesses will be yours and my guardian angel" he to Don Orione.
The agricultural colony Santa Mary at Monte Mario in Rome and the Parish of All Saints (Ognissanti), outside the gate of San Giovanni, the famous "Roman Patagonia"(Patagonia Romana), are the most notorious labor camps to which the affection and esteem of Pius X called Don Orione and his children.
"Oh! That the memory of our Holy Father, Pope Pius X may be blessed by all the small Sons of Divine Providence, from generation to generation!"

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