Thursday, November 20, 2014

From Tortona to Kaburugi, the journey of the Lady of the Safe Keeping

One of the dream of Don Orione, his great love for the Blessed Virgin Mary crosses the borders and wins the hearts of all his sons and daughters. Our Lady of the Safe Keeping has just appeared a. Browsing Oceans and traveling through almost six thousand kilometers, the Statue of Our Lady in the Safe Keeping which surmounts the Basilica of Tortona and protects the city of origin of our Founder Don Orione has been erect in miniature copy in St Peter's Parish a. The work is the initiative of Father James Njoroje, Parish Priest and his Vicar Father Morris Mawira.
The idea is to dig deeper into our faithful of Kaburugi parish to a predilection love for the Blessed Virgin. Located at the entrance of the parish, in the main compound, the Statue of Our Lady of the Safe Keeping made of clay and gilded in bronze color, of one meter tall set on a pillar of nearly three meters facing the Parish Church. The Blessed Virgin with Love and Joy welcomes all who pass through the gate of the mission and lead them to her Son.
Ad Jesum per Mariam, as underlined Don Orione "To Jesus through Mary". And to mark this mediating power of the Holy Virgin complete, she actually drive visitors from this place to her Holy Son's while open Heart who greets them with the same love. The Blessed Virgin of the Safe Keeping face under a certain angle to the Statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus located at the close of the presbytery.
Thank you to visite Kaburugi. You will always be welcomed by Mary Our Lady of the Safe Keeping and taken to the Heart of Jesus.

With Don Orione may we always say "Ave Maria e semper avanti"

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