Friday, November 21, 2014

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of Divine Providence in Nairobi

The Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary was marked this year in Nairobi of a little more special coloring. The entrance to the the Postulancy of two of our students in philosophy, Peter Karanja we Wilcliff Mumia and the 10 years of priesthood of Father Peter.
The tradition here is to celebrate the entrance to the Postulancy every November 20th in commemorating the main patron saint of the Congregation. This year the special note was the tenth anniversary or the priestly ordination of Father Peter Wambulwa Wakoba. First Orionine _ priest of Kenya, Father Peter was ordained on November 19 of the year 2004 in Kitale his hometown. 10 years are passed that he said yes to serve the Lord in the service of the ministerial priesthood. In celebrating this jubilee of tin or aluminum, he wanted to give thanks to God in a special way for the work of love that he has consistently achieved in him and through him.
To that we have combined the entrance to the postulancy of our seminarians. Some would read there a simple coincidence, but for us Sons of Divine Providence, we see a work of the providential action of the Blessed Virgin Mary. While the eldest celebrates 10-year on the footsteps of Christ in the service, the cadets decide to make their first decisive step in the religious family of Don Orione and make themselves sons of the Mother of Divine Providence.
With them we give thanks to God and for them we pray the Blessed Virgin, Patron of the Congregation to intercede on their behalf.
With Don Orione, let's say Ave Maria e avanti!

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