Kandisi Community

The Holy Spirit Catholic Parish of Kandisi
In Kandisi we have two (2) realities: 

1. The Parish
1I. The School

Since fourteen (14) years this parish belongs to the Sons of Divine Providence.
But during all this time we don’t had any Community leaving properly there.
The Father in charge was leaving in the formation house in Langata and going there just for service.
Seeing this reality, we have found necessary to ask for a new Community there. And this year (2012-2013), with the help of the Divine Providence this dream is became a reality, with the permanent presence of three confreres, Fr. Peter Wambuluwa, Parish Priest, Fr. Carlos Alejandro Ruiz, in charge of the OCTC-Kandisi and Br. John-Bosco Musyoki, seminarist.

The Kandisi area is a rural area of small hamlets bordering the capital Nairobi, in whose district it is located. It covers an area of 70,000 square km and is inhabited by about 20,000 people. The population is very poor; there is no job that can afford to guarantee their livelihoods and living health conditions are not so nice. The most common economic activity is agriculture (mainly subsistence), and, secondly, include stock-breeding and trade.

The Parish
The Holy Spirit Catholic Parish of Kandisi, in the Diocese of Ngong have seven (7) out stations plus the mother church. The Holy Spirit Parish, Catholic Church run by the Sons of Divine Providence (Don Orione) which some years ago brought about the birth of the Kandisi Nursery School which is today a point of reference per children and families in the surrounding villages. Seeing the reality of our parish, we have judged necessary to assist this Community, to open this school for children coming from poor family. We are still in the process of being recognized by the government. Even with this situation our teachers are giving their best to “teach the truth” to these students.

The School
The school has 3 classes with about 50 children. They are children with serious conditions of poverty and the school assures them of basic needs: food, education and medical assistance. 75% of these are orphans who live with their grandparents who are often the first to be in need of help. The remaining 25% are in a vulnerable situation. 

With this reality of the school we have also a project of feeding program and one "Shamba" (garden) to supply the needs. This project is an extension of the reality of the existing OCTC in Kaburugi. The cultivation of the garden has been and is a sharing growth opportunity for the individuals who are involved in the project of horticulture; thus, the vegetables will support the school kitchen ensuring the feeding of the children.

In our Parish of Kandisi and around, the major problems which the children have are:
  • Malnutrition caused by the lack of the essential components of a good ordinary diet
  • Diseases linked to poor nutrition (e.g. lack of vitamins, diseases caused by parasites and infectious diseases) and the scarcity of drinking water.
  • Excessive weakness related to the above-mentioned problems and to the long distances, even as much as 5 km, between the family home and the nursery school, with the consequences of long periods of absence and difficulty of re-integration in the educational system.
With the passing of the years the number of children has increased and this has made it more difficult to maintain the basic nutrition and a sufficient education.

Also here, as in Kaburugi, a lot of needs have to be fulfilled, but we believe that there is a lot of people of good will that would like to support the project. Each donation will contribute to the development of the Parish, the school and more, of the OCTC-Kandisi and care more about health and dignity of our children.

For your donations Contact:

Orione Community of Kandisi (OCTC-Kandisi)
Rimpa Road, off Magadi Road
P.o.Box. 409 -00206- Kiserian - Kenya
Fr. Peter Wambulwa :  +254727668100
Fr. Alejandro Ruiz : +254722332339