Sunday, September 1, 2013

Appeal for Peace

Dear Confreres, 
dear sisters and brothers,

Today 1st of September, Pope Francis has made a very strong appeal, from deep in his heart, for peace in the world and especially in Syria.  He has declared next Saturday 7th September as a day of prayer and fasting for Peace in the World and asks all the dioceses of the world to organize also some kind of liturgical prayer for this.  I think that our charism and fourth vow of obedience to the Pope come very much into play in this. 

Try to participate in whatever your local bishop organizes or asks you to organize in your parish or community.
Let us organize in all our communities a generous response to this appeal which the Pope makes first to us Catholics and then to all Christians, believers of all other regions and all men and women of good will.
Our community at Zarqa in Jordan should be a symbol of this response since there we have a shrine dedicated to Our Lady Queen of Peace, whom Pope Francis is inviting us to pray to, in these days of violence and war in various parts of the world but especially in Syria.
Our Lady, Queen of Peace, pray for us!
Fr Malcolm

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