Thursday, September 26, 2013

Message from the General Councillor for the Missions

Dear Confreres,

I am attaching three messages from the General Councillor for the Missions, Fr Joao Batista de Freitas for the Orionine Missionary Year 2013-2014 which starts on 20th October this year.
Please start discussing and making plans for celebrations in each nation of the Delegation for this year, especially celebrating the arrival of the first Orionine Missionaries to each country.
God bless you all,
Fr Malcolm


Roma, 15th August 2013
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Dear Provincials, Vice-provincials, Delegate and  those in charge of the Missionary Apostolate,
The Peace of Christ!
With their letter of 1th July 2013 Fr Flavio Peloso, Superior General FDP and Sr Maria Mabel Spagnuolo, Superior General PSMC announced that from 20th October 2013 until 8th December 2014 we shall celebrate the ORIONINE MISSIONARY YEAR  in remembrance of the departure from Genoa of the first missionaries sent by Don Orione to Brazil.
It will be a great opportunity to revive the missionary and charismatic ardour which led the Saint of Charity to send out the first missionaries.
Some provinces have already announced some events for the celebrations in their respective territories.
As the beginning of this centenary, which involves the whole Orionine Family, approaches, I will be kindly asking the provinces, vice-provinces and delegation which have not yet made their plans for the Missionary Year to do so and send them to the General Secretary for the Missions.
Gradually the General Secretary for the Missions will also send suggestions and proposals for the events and celebrations during the centenary.
May this Orionine Missionary Year unite us more closely to Christ, because only in Him is there certainty for the future and a guarantee of genuine and long-lasting love.

Fr Joao Batista de Freitas
Missionary Apostolate

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