Thursday, September 26, 2013

Prayer for the Orionine Missionary Year

Oh God, Father of all that is good,
we thank you for the gift of the missionary vocation
which animated Saint Luigi Orione
and his Little Work of Divine Providence.
In this Orionine Missionary Year
renew that apostolic fire through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Give us a hunger and thirst for souls,
and for the most ardent charity to restore all things in Christ.
Support the faith of the heralds of the Gospel,
with the gift of meekness and strength,
humility and charity.
Raise up new missionary vocations,
young people ready to dedicate their heart, time and goods
to give “along with bread for the body, the divine anointing of faith”
to the poor and outcast.
May the loving arms of the Church reach everyone
and may the unity of all humanity be fulfilled
in the reign of the justice and peace of Christ.
Mary, star of the new evangelisation,
and Saint Luigi Orione intercede for us.

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